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Can I get a PPO?

This varies based on where you live in the United States. Different regions have different statutes regarding PPOs. If you are in doubt about whether you need a PPO, or which plan is the best plan if you need a PPO, it might be best for you to speak to a professional...

Will options and coverage be the same plan to plan?

Many options and coverage areas are set individually by the plan providers and companies. Things like co-pays, annual check-up coverage, allergy testing, gastric bypass surgery, vision care, dental care, prevention services like vaccinations, and prescriptions are...

Will I be covered when I travel in the United States? What about internationally?

Travel is something everyone wants to do, and many of us get the opportunity time and again. The problem with travel is that insurance can be finnicky about what coverage, if any, is provided for you when you’re abroad. Some health insurance plans will cover you and...

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