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My coverage is worthless, can you find something better for me?

Absolutely! However, worthless means different things to different people.

Can I get a PPO?

This varies based on where you live in the United States. Different regions have different statutes regarding PPOs.

I just lost my job. Can I get coverage now?

Different plans may offer immediate coverage, but generally speaking…. Yes, you can!

Does the insurance plan cover prevention services, like vaccinations?

This depends on which plan you elect to purchase.

Will the plan cover annual check-ups?

The coverages included in each plan are set individually by the plan providers or companies.

Will options and coverage be the same plan to plan?

Many options and coverage areas are set individually by the plan providers and companies.

Will the plan cover all my prescriptions?

The plan you choose to purchase is unique in its offerings and coverage areas.

How soon can I get covered?

The easy answer is: that depends on the plan that you have selected to purchase.


Will my prescription (RX) medications be covered?

Different plans, and different insurance providers, use varying methods to determine which, if any, prescription medications...

Does my health insurance plan cover vision?

Coverage for vision care may differ from plan to plan. There are plans that offer vision coverage, and others that do not.

Does the plan cover Gastric Bypass Surgery or options for weight loss?

Different plans provide different coverage options. While some plans do provide coverage for Gastric Bypass Surgery...

Will my plan cover allergy testing?

Many health insurance plans offer different coverages designed to cater to different needs and requirements.

Will I be covered when I travel in the U.S.? Internationally?

Travel is something everyone wants to do, and many of us get the opportunity time and again. The problem with travel is that...

Does it cover maternity care?

The easy answer is: it depends on which plan you choose. To help you choose the best plan to fit you, which can include maternity care...

What about pre-existing conditions?

Health insurance plans have a plethora of variables to take into account, and personalization for your individual needs is a priority...

Cost & In Network

Is my doctor in my network?

Different plans utilize different methods to determine their network coverages. Insurance providers set their network limits...

When and how do I pay for my premium?

Generally speaking, many insurance plans have options for clients to pay their premiums by automated bank draft, credit card, or other popular payment methods.

Does the plan have co-pays for doctor visits and prescriptions?

Co-pays are set by the individual plan companies and providers. This means that while one plan from a particular insurance company...

What hospitals can I go to?

That all depends on what type of plan you purchase. Some plans have much larger coverage networks than others.

Does my doctor accept this insurance?

Working with doctors can be a funny thing. They can choose to opt in to (or out of) networks whenever they want.