Health Insurance Questions

How soon can I get covered?

by Neysa Watkins | Jun 30, 2017 | Frequently Asked Questions

The easy answer is: that depends on the plan that you have selected to purchase. The longer answer is: there are many plans that provide coverage soon after purchase. There are even plans that provide coverage the next day after purchase. Some health insurance plans have a waiting period, and the length of that waiting period is entirely up to the company providing the plan, within legal limits and allowances.

We know that health insurance is a monumental piece of jargon-filled legality that hardly anyone has the time or willpower to sort through. Lucky for you, Health Reform Team has those wonderful few people who do have the time, willpower, and skill to sift through the legal mumbo-jumbo to get to the good stuff.

Our health insurance experts are ready and willing to assist you with finding your next health insurance plan. Your ideal health insurance requirements may not be able to be perfectly fit to an existing health insurance plan, but our professional staff have the tools and wherewithal to be able to get as close to insurance perfection as they can. If you need a plan with coverage starting sooner rather than later, it might be your best bet to give Health Reform Team a call, and let us find the right plan for you the first time!